General Rental Conditions for Winter Sports Equipment

  1. The reservation becomes valid upon receipt of the reservation and for the customer upon receipt of the booking confirmation.
  2. The rental agreement is entered into between the reserving customer and the respective sports shop at which the equipment is rented.
  3. The renter is fully responsible for the rented sports equipment.
  4. Providing the sports equipment to third parties is not permitted.
  5. The rental price must be paid at the rental shop at the end of the rental.
  6. At the start of the rental the renter must display an official photo ID (passport or driver?s license) and declares his understanding that a copy shall be made of this document. A blank, signed credit card impression, the original of the photo ID or a monetary deposit in the amount of the market value of the sports equipment must be provided as collateral.
  7. Prices include ski insurance. In event of theft or damage due to improper use, the renter is liable for the market value or the repair costs.
  8. In event of theft, the renter must submit a report to the competent security authority within 24 hours and report the theft to the rental shop as well. Confirmation by the police and payment of EURO 279,- for category Diamond, EURO 179,- for category Top and EURO 100,- for category Super is obligatory.
  9. Exchanging of the rented sports equipment is possible at any time. If a piece of sports equipment from a higher category is taken, the price difference according to the price list must be paid.
  10. For rentals after 3:00 pm, the rental price will be calculated starting with the following calendar day. For return of the sports equipment by 10:00 am, no charge will be included for the current calendar day.
  11. If the sports equipment cannot be used as a result of unfavorable weather, illness or other impediments, the paid rental price will not be reimbursed.
  12. Early return of the sports equipment and reimbursement of the unused rental price are only possible if the renter must depart early for important reasons. Upon proper return of the sports equipment, the credit card impression or the monetary deposit or document of the renter will be returned.
  13. The renter must ensure that the sports equipment is handled and stored in a way that prevents theft or a mix-up with other equipment. For this reason, skis should only be parked individually and separately from each other or in ski safes. Overnight, the sports equipment should be kept in a locked ski room at the renter?s accommodations or in a locked vehicle.
  14. Upon signing of the rental agreement, the renter confirms the accuracy of the personal information provided for the purposes of proper adjustment of the bindings. The renter may not independently alter the bindings adjustment made by the rental shop.
  15. If the rented sports equipment is not returned on time without a sufficient reason, the renter must expect that a report of theft will be issued against him.
  16. Personal data entered on this website will be processed and used exclusively for the processing of your inquiries or online reservations and in accordance with the applicable national and European data privacy regulations. Long-term saving and use of the information for marketing purposes shall take place only with your explicit permission (during the course of customer registration, ?). This permission can be revoked at any time and at no expense, for instance by sending an email to Sport Walter guarantees the confidentiality of your data under all circumstances and will not sell, rent or make it available to third parties.
  17.  Exclusively the national courts of Austria have jurisdiction over all disputes in connection with or in reference to online reservations through this shop.

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